Pixel-, and brain-, friendly grid for 1280×720 HD InDesign documents

As if by magic, you can get a 12 col x 7-row grid of nearly square sections on a 20px gutter/margin layout. Over a 5px under-grid. In an 16:9 ratio HD document. The main sections in the layout grid are… Continue Reading →

Fix missing Pantone swatches in InDesign/Illustrator

First problem beware the Pantone/Adobe swatch search box! The first thing to check – is the swatch actually missing – or is it just difficult to find*… There’s a long-standing, horrible, horrible bug in the swatch search field. Say, for… Continue Reading →

Keep your lights bright and clean [5000º K clean]

[Update – a kind reader pointed out that using regular Daylight bulbs as I suggest may very well not be good enough. If your work is colour critical you’ll need to control your lighting more and exclusively use proper ISO… Continue Reading →

MAMP stacked (Mac OS X 10.5)

UPDATE: I’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) and the following instructions are no longer entirely valid as Marc Liyanage’s PHP package hasn’t been upgraded to work in the Snow. Want to get MAMP on Mac OS X… Continue Reading →

Mac’s Apache web server crashing out

Spent a few hours yesterday try to fix my localhost web sharing. After a restart none of my local sites were responding, neither from my user account nor the back-up admin account. This error message kept showing up in my… Continue Reading →

MAMP stacked (Mac OS X 10.6)

When I moved over to Mac OS X 10.6 last week I found I had to fix my MAMP stack. My old MAMP install didn’t work anymore as unfortunately Marc Liyanage’s excellent PHP package fails in 10.6. The following instructions… Continue Reading →

The IE9 hate starts here…

Made me grin/grimace…. A piece on how retarded Microsoft’s latest incarnation of Internet Explorer may turn out to be, despite the hype: http://css3wizardry.com/2010/08/14/ie9-is-the-ie6-of-css3/ [waybackmachine] Oh dear.

Cloud enabled local web development using Dropbox et al

or I *sync* my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with Dropbox and Gmail Cloud enabled local web development? That’s an oxymoron — right? Explain. I prefer to develop/design using MAMP as it’s quicker and doesn’t rely on a sketchy internet… Continue Reading →

The future of Gmail

Google is bringing out a new email product: Google Inbox. It’s going to be a cross between email and task manager.

VR photography for the web

VR requirements: Flash (NOT Java or QTVR); full screen; ease of implementation via CMS; hotspots; For stitching the daddy seems to be RealViz Stitcher [waybackmachine]. Clearly. There many tools based on the opensource Panorama Tools out there. But under the… Continue Reading →

Support Driven Development

Please excuse this wanton copy-paste The article is good in its entirety but this is the best bit of this ThinkVitamin [waybackmachine] article Kevin Hale of Wufoo talks UX, Funding, Startups and API integration [waybackmachine]… Because we’re a small team… Continue Reading →

More RegEx renaming in Adobe Bridge

More examples of using Batch Rename RegEx in Bridge using Regular Expressions… 1. Find year/month in yyyy-mm format at the beginning of a filename: ^[0-9]{4}-[0-1][0-9]- (Remove the caret symbol ‘^‘ if you’re searching for it anywhere in the filename) 2…. Continue Reading →

A website maintenance page optimised for user experience

What a lovely little thing to add to a downtime message. My favourite online UX course provider added a game of minesweeper to their maintenance page. Took my mind off the wait and informed me when the site was back… Continue Reading →

Alpha Bravo Charlie alphabet for Spanish

Here, below, is a current Spanish radiotelephone/radiophonic spelling alphabet. There’s not an official one to be found – at least nothing up-to-date – so I’ve cobbled one from a couple of sources as well as recent experience. No hay equivalente… Continue Reading →


A Fabulous 21st Century Helvetica Alternative

Display proper maintenance page with .htaccess

Create a decent “sorry this site is down for maintenance” page with a “Have a Nice Day” message, then when you do need to upgrade things use the following htaccess rewrite rule to forward all traffic to this page. Two… Continue Reading →

WP Forms Lite is a spam magnet

I wanted to try a free WordPress contact form plugin. WP Forms Lite seemed very popular – with 5,000 positive reviews. Unfortunately, it comes without any type of spam protection. My contact form was found by the spammers and boy… Continue Reading →

Setup a Root Server web server with Webmin and Virtualmin

Setting up a root server isn’t so difficult. Or is it. In the search for the perfect service to offer my clients – many of whom like to use this dreaded WordPress platform [I love it really] I’ve found that using… Continue Reading →

On migrating and merging WordPress (local to remote)

Few things to note on the process of bringing this site to life…

Desktop browser chrome as responsive Sketch symbols

Cramming designs into the generous default canvases of Sketch* is not always a good idea. Here are four responsive Sketch symbols – Chrome, Firefox and IE on Windows and Chrome on macOS – to further limit your design window. Design… Continue Reading →

Spaces doing strange things in your HTML? Check your non-printable unicode characters.

A couple of weeks ago we found this strange problem in an email newsletter: random spaces between words – clearly visible in the source code – were disappearing or very narrow in the rendered email. Turns out that, somewhere in… Continue Reading →

Simple, reliable local WordPress development on macOS. 2020.

Is *AMP-stack web [design and] build is what you do? [Hacking WordPress!] You need a local dev environment. You need and want your dev environment to be a fuss-free, stable, reliable and long-term partner. The thing about the options I’ve… Continue Reading →

How to crop and resize images for the web, without Photoshop, and for free

For a non-pixel-monkey, adjusting a high-resolution stock image for use in a website at a specific pixel size/aspect ratio and to a limited filesize is trickier than it sounds… Three separate functions are required cropping something compositionally decent to the… Continue Reading →

Fat-cat apps on small SSDs

Oh my. Five per cent of my hard drive (8.5 GB) was taken up by Microsoft Office applications. 2GB just for MS Word. Yeowch. Apple’s built-in Notes.app is 16MB. Compare.


Official Microsoft VMs for IE8 through IE11 and Edge

Prettier underline on text links

Funny post about Comic Sans’ing pointless or snarky comments over on CSS tricks. It’s a very amusing idea. However, when looking at the originating article “SNARKY COMMENTS IN COMIC SANS” I noticed their lovely text links. Chrome inspector to hand,… Continue Reading →

Fixing HTTPS on DreamHost with Cloudflare

One solution to fix an ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error


*P[hotography-w]orkflow Currently a mix of Bridge, Graphic Converter, Photoshop, iPhoto and Flickr. Photo workflow aint good. Throw in a bit of terminal action jhead -mkexif when stuck with [enjoying] 35mm film. Oh – add Flickr Uploadr and Google Earth for… Continue Reading →

Nikon, full frame!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you er… Anyway, the D3 is announced – my desire to get into full frame digital may well… Continue Reading →

P*orkflow part two

P[hotographic w]ork flow (early 2008) So, why the hog of a workflow?

Photo book printing

Just received delivery of another photo book from Apple, the fourth book I’ve sent off to them in as many years. The quality is really very good for digital print – so much better than the first one I received… Continue Reading →

A digital compact to get excited about?

The best [and only!] wide-angle photographer’s compact to come to market in ten years. Or so it seems. There have been many quality compacts produced since digital imaging came of age. You know those arrogant/insecure youths strutting about showing off… Continue Reading →

Need to know sunrise, noon and sunset times?

I looked and I looked and I looked. In the wrong places, obviously. In the end I found a site that calculated the local time of sunrise, noon and sunset. There it goes for posterity.

The best Flickr add-ons/plugins/mashups…

According to Photojojo that is. Look here for their list. It’s a good one. SmartSetr is an instant fave; does smart sets like iTunes et al.

Flickr fool

P[hotographic w]ork flow Flickr. Been using it for years – with periodic hiatus[es] – always worried about losing pictures to sneaky internet thievery – and at the same time wondering how to keep a proper archive of my photos. Restricted… Continue Reading →

35mm film digitising with a DSLR

“Well, shake me down with a wobbly tripod.”

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