Bet4Pride – Visual Design

Original site design in Sketch Final site screenshots Marketing banners

TokenKey logo

Logo-only job for a Blockchain startup.

DCC Property (site build, landing page and promo design )

Bet4Pride logo development

  It starts with exploratory sketches. Always. No computer drawing app is as quick or efficient as hacking out small thumbnail sketches. The sketches must be small – detail is the enemy – as the logo must be strong enough… Continue Reading →

Jackpotland resonsive landing page

Another landing page based on my square promo graphic template. Clear promo message with game characters to illustrate.

Soloists of London

Logo design for the Soloists of London. A baroque flourish of Mutlu Ornamental with Snell Roundhand (for readability) on a ground of Gill Sans, AKA the British Helvetica — itself born of the [London] Underground Alphabet. #toomuchtypography?

3D casino chips created and rendered in Photoshop

3D symbol created using the logo as the top material on a simple basic cylinder primitive. Added a couple of bump maps to add depth and texture to the surface. Instanced the symbol to create the stacks. Three-light rig and… Continue Reading →

Brand identity for Matero Games

Brand identity for start-up game studio Matero Games. A haiku [ my first and perhaps last 😀 ] to try and encapsulate the origins of this brand name… From Belfast to Temuco Inspired creative thinking Matero Games Barry’s idea to… Continue Reading →

Soloists of London, FIMA 2014

World Cup tournament pages

UI design and dev hand-off for the 2018 FIFA World Cup mini-site for William Hill. UX designs provided by my friend and colleague Miguel AntolĂ­n. It was the first instance of a new tournament app for significant knock-out tournaments –… Continue Reading →

“Always On” football highlights designs for William Hill

Working through the variables with a UX designer to provide on-brand designs and annotations for the dev team.

Agile Retro App.

UI Design for an Agile Retro App. Based on the Spotify Labs Squad Health Check model but digital rather than card-based. Hackathon project for William Hill. Four very good devs bashed out a fully-working version in a single 24-hour session.

HTML emails

Cross-sell email headers

Villa Mirador Marbella (site build)

Site build (from homepage visual) for a high-end luxury villa on the Costa del Sol. Photography too. Homepage, About page, Image Gallery, Hotspot driven panoramas and a secure PHP contact form…

OPTV Magazine #20

MRI Direct (site build and promos)

Digital DJ Tips

First design and branding for the new Digital DJ Tips website. Included WordPress dev. With hindsight, the analogue kit skeuomorphism was not that appropriate – but these were early, heady, days.

Santiagos Restaurant (site build)

HolidayPrizeWorld landing pages

Emails and landing pages

Blog proposal

Simple hack of default WordPress theme (TwentyFourteen).

Internal design blog

Mansion recruitment site

Design and build of custom WordPress site for the Bulgarian technology and ops centre. A later update included categorised job postings.

New style email headers

Responsive landing page

A responsive landing page to lead customers back to the newly mobile-optimised casinos after a third party reward journey. Design and build (HTML, CSS).

Email and landing page for personalised video campaign

To trial the services of a direct marketing video provider. Design and build of fluid email and responsive landing page.  

Digital DJ Tips v2

Three years after the original site launched Phil called me to help adapt the site to a new and bigger home…

Responsive landing pages

Web log-in promo

Promo designed to inform customers about the newly updated web-log-in feature.

Neat and tidy, tidy and neat

This is how I work. It’s all about the details. Two decent monitors and tidy layabout. Layout.

Jackpotland – first mobile mockups with annotations

Mobile product launch promo

With bells on. OK, no bells – but a lot of favourite Playtech game assets exploding frivolously from [your?] mobile.

FA Cup promo

Banner promotion to celebrate Crystal Palace reaching the FA Cup Final. Jason Puncheon nearly did it for us that day. I was rooting for the Eagles. Slots app icon proposals

More options than necessary but sometimes it’s necessary.

FIMA 2013

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