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Bet4Pride – Visual Design

Original site design in Sketch Final site screenshots Marketing banners

Bet4Pride logo development

  It starts with exploratory sketches. Always. No computer drawing app is as quick or efficient as hacking out small thumbnail sketches. The sketches must be small – detail is the enemy – as the logo must be strong enough… Continue Reading →

Brand identity for Matero Games

Brand identity for start-up game studio Matero Games. A haiku [ my first and perhaps last 😀 ] to try and encapsulate the origins of this brand name… From Belfast to Temuco Inspired creative thinking Matero Games Barry’s idea to… Continue Reading →

“Always On” football highlights designs for William Hill

Working through the variables with a UX designer to provide on-brand designs and annotations for the dev team.

World Cup tournament pages

UI design and dev hand-off for the 2018 FIFA World Cup mini-site for William Hill. UX designs provided by my friend and colleague Miguel Antolín. It was the first instance of a new tournament app for significant knock-out tournaments –… Continue Reading →

Agile Retro App.

UI Design for an Agile Retro App. Based on the Spotify Labs Squad Health Check model but digital rather than card-based. Hackathon project for William Hill. Four very good devs bashed out a fully-working version in a single 24-hour session.

TokenKey logo

Logo-only job for a Blockchain startup.

Email and landing page for personalised video campaign

To trial the services of a direct marketing video provider. Design and build of fluid email and responsive landing page.  

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Cliffe High Street, Lewes. Christmassy.

A few early evening snapshots — folk out on Cliffe High Street, Lewes, just before Christmas…

ExpOtaku Torremolinos 2023

Gym 01 Interclub, 26 Feb 2023

Tagged along to the March interclub competition at Gym 01 in Portsmouth with Lucas and his club – Miah Bros MMA Gym of Portslade. Fiercely competitive but with a friendly, family atmosphere.

Tania & Cristian

The kids are all right

Ad hoc (enforced, dad-style) photoshoot of the visiting D&D combatants.

Sofia & David


Lucas and Jimi, 2020

Children and animals. Pfft. A two-minute photoshoot.

Chirigotas, Carnaval, Alcalá de los Gazules 2020

Domingo @ La Tabernilla Domingo @ Dominguito’s  

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New job; required training on information security fundamentals. A bit old hat to this old pro but always good to reread and refresh. This drawing inspired by the Social engineering part of one of the courses. Because it’s is a… Continue Reading →

Moleskine #17. Beach Stars (and Covid Wipes).

July 2019 to March 2020. Beached thoughts; bar-sitting in Vejer (while Lucas trains at the Yoseikan budo dojo); Twitter chatter; Cryptonomicon (a book); coronavirus crashes into our lives…

Just wondering. Is referring to global warming in degrees negatively impacting our mental framing of the issue? Do we think of single degrees as largely insignificant steps between sub-zero, «summer holidays», a fever, boiling water, oven temperatures…? Who cares about +/- 1ºC? Global warming is all about the fever point region. Six degrees and you’re dead…

Visual Notes: Gestalt Psychology and Web Design

My visual notes from the Gestalt Psychology and Web Design course by the Interaction Design Foundation. You may notice I started this course over a year ago. That’s one of the great things about their courses: no time-outs. In fact… Continue Reading →

At the V&A. Inspirational.

Moleskine #15. Bateau Bollocks.

Daydream-drawing on planes, boats and trains [and a pub!]. November 2016 to April 2017. Christmas-flights-o-fancy; The Hat Party People; more flights; portraits of the boys. Coda on the dogs upstairs.

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Favourite Midjourney Parameters

Repeat Function As it says on the tin. Get x times 4-up variations –r 10 Describe Function Get Midjourney to describe what it “sees” in an image /describe [then upload your reference image] Style Reference Style Reference (needs 1-3 reference URLs… Continue Reading →

Happy to be back on macOS after two years on Windows (10)…

…two years of enforced grumbling. [Use was enforced, not the grumbling.] Very happy to be back. But there were a few things I liked about Windows… Clipboard history. [Windows] + [V] Miss this. There are plugins for macOS, but a built-into-the-OS… Continue Reading →

Pixel-, and brain-, friendly grid for 1280×720 HD InDesign documents

As if by magic, you can get a 12 col x 7-row grid of nearly square sections on a 20px gutter/margin layout. Over a 5px under-grid. In an 16:9 ratio HD document. The main sections in the layout grid are… Continue Reading →

A website maintenance page optimised for user experience

What a lovely little thing to add to a downtime message. My favourite online UX course provider added a game of minesweeper to their maintenance page. Took my mind off the wait and informed me when the site was back… Continue Reading →

Alpha Bravo Charlie alphabet for Spanish

Here, below, is a current Spanish radiotelephone/radiophonic spelling alphabet. There’s not an official one to be found – at least nothing up-to-date – so I’ve cobbled one from a couple of sources as well as recent experience. No hay equivalente… Continue Reading →

A Fabulous 21st Century Helvetica Alternative

WP Forms Lite is a spam magnet

I wanted to try a free WordPress contact form plugin. WP Forms Lite seemed very popular – with 5,000 positive reviews. Unfortunately, it comes without any type of spam protection. My contact form was found by the spammers and boy… Continue Reading →

Spaces doing strange things in your HTML? Check your non-printable unicode characters.

A couple of weeks ago we found this strange problem in an email newsletter: random spaces between words – clearly visible in the source code – were disappearing or very narrow in the rendered email. Turns out that, somewhere in… Continue Reading →

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The Moving Polaroid Project by Toby Wilkins


Chop Suey Moma

Blue Monday. Covered by Orkestra Obsolete.

I missed this when it came out last year to celebrate 40 [!!!!] years since New Order’s Blue Monday was released back in March 1983. Here Orkestra Obsolete play it on instruments and gadgets from the 1930s. Can’t touch the… Continue Reading →

C. Tangana – Oliveira Dos Cen Anos (Video Oficial)

Apropos of culture/ football, music and heart… A spectacular anthem celebrating Celta de Vigo’s centenary. Very nice work, Mr Tangana. “Himno del Centenario del R.C. Celta de Vigo (1923-2023)”

Tip top

Woodstock ’99. Trainwreck/Clusterf*ck.

Woodstock ’69 Don’t know how many times I watched the original documentary of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. This was back in the late eighties, I was a late teen, wannabe musician. That film documented a unique, historic moment of music… Continue Reading →

Mission Impossible Intro (1969)

No comment needed

Monkey Weekend 2022

Monkey Weekend in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Always different. Always new. Indie Español, always. This year’s event: Friday 13 and Saturday 14th May, 2022, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadíz, Spain. (What’s Monkey Weekend?) It’s been way too long… Continue Reading →

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