Repeat Function

As it says on the tin. Get x times 4-up variations
--r 10

Describe Function

Get Midjourney to describe what it “sees” in an image
/describe [then upload your reference image]

Style Reference

Style Reference (needs 1-3 reference URLs space separated)
--sref [URL of image you want to copy] [another URL]

Style Weighting (0-100)
--sw 100

Character Reference

Similar to Style Reference – but for people/faces

Character Reference (needs URL of reference image)
--cref [URL of image]

Character Weighting (0-100) where 100 would keep clothes the same
--cw 100

Custom Parameters

We can create custom parameters that remember a bunch of settings that will suffix on a named custom prompt (another way of getting consistent output)

For example to create a –MyOpions custom prompt with all these parameters (and prompt keywords too) “plain blue background, highly detailed, UHD 32k –ar 9:16 –s 500 –style raw –v 6.0” – all included in a single hit…

At the prompt type:
/prefer option set MyOpions

You must then get the value input box to open (Midjourney UX is still rather flaky) before you can paste in your set of parameters – do this by clicking on “+1 more” which shows the value option which you can then click on. Then add your parameters as above.

So now when you prompt, just add –MyOpions as a single parameter

To see all available options:
/prefer option list

To delete an option
Type its name without parameters the hit [enter], eg:
/prefer option set MyOpions

Last updated on 29th March 2024