New job; required training on information security fundamentals. A bit old hat to this old pro but always good to reread and refresh. This drawing inspired by the Social engineering part of one of the courses. Because it’s is a… Continue Reading →

Moleskine #17. Beach Stars (and Covid Wipes).

July 2019 to March 2020. Beached thoughts; bar-sitting in Vejer (while Lucas trains at the Yoseikan budo dojo); Twitter chatter; Cryptonomicon (a book); coronavirus crashes into our lives…

Just wondering. Is referring to global warming in degrees negatively impacting our mental framing of the issue? Do we think of single degrees as largely insignificant steps between sub-zero, «summer holidays», a fever, boiling water, oven temperatures…? Who cares about +/- 1ºC? Global warming is all about the fever point region. Six degrees and you’re dead…

Visual Notes: Gestalt Psychology and Web Design

I personally find visual note-taking is a great aid to the learning process. Here are my visual notes from the course ‘Gestalt Psychology and Web Design’ by the Interaction Design Foundation. The astute amongst you may notice that I started… Continue Reading →

At the V&A. Inspirational.

Moleskine #15. Bateau Bollocks.

Daydream-drawing on planes, boats and trains [and a pub!]. November 2016 to April 2017. Christmas-flights-o-fancy; The Hat Party People; more flights; portraits of the boys. Coda on the dogs upstairs.

Pin the tail on the donkey

For my kids’ fun day at school. 50cm x 50cm, acrylic on paper.

An {amateur} coder’s pun?

A coloured version (using ProCreate on an iPad, nice) from my Tomorrow’s Pig Today series.  

Moleskine Sketchbook #9. The Condiments of Treason.

Banners R Us (a Moleskine sketchbook)

Pencil drawings inverted in post to give them that blackboard look…


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