Creative thinking, yet reliably square.

Qreativbox is the online home of Gabriel de Kadt; experienced, multi-disciplined graphic designer with a thick streak of geek. I have over 20 years’ experience designing in a variety of industries from sports betting through gaming; real estate/travel; B2B hospitality; start-ups and as an agency contractor. This site serves as a personal notebook – a good old fashioned blog – as well as the more useful function of portfolio: have a look under the design section and you’ll see my work.

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Afraid so.

The journey, man…

Many years ago, as an impoverished fine arts graduate, I fell to the coal face of magazine ad production to make a living. Pushing up through the massed ranks of crazed art workers I managed to claw my way to the dizzying heights of senior magazine designer

…creative freedom wrapped in a tidy set of stylesheets, output by nifty scripts to just the right temperature of PDF/X-1a.

You had to be there.

Then ten years ago I managed to successfully retool myself into a useful web designer. The similarities to print were many – but the differences exciting. Cascading stylesheets – you’re so sensible on the surface but so very wild underneath.

So now I ply my trade making fabulous web bits (websites, landing pages, marketing banners GALORE!). I know everything about usability, UI and UX from looking at the internets and reading a book.

Not to blow my own trumpet too much but I’ve also become a bit of an e-mail marketing expert. It’s a nasty world but I’m happy to talk platform fragmentation and fluid email coding – if you dare.

…still love a bit of print work, mind.

[begin–bLah blaH:]

I get the conflicting requirements of creative process, business focus and customer needs. With strong aesthetic and creative abilities, matched by robust technical skills and good, clear communication I can create the fabulous web/print/UI/marketing solutions that YOUR [insert business here] needs.

[end–BLah blaH:]

For my geeky kicks I turn my hand to a bit of development. I used to boast of knowing more HTML(4) and CSS(2) than the average clever developer. I’ve hacked a good few WordPress themes and coded some from scratch. I’m comfortable with the command line, won’t work on code without version control (like the old GIT I am), happy to do basic Apache server configuration and know macOS systems inside out. Round this site I’m mostly appreciated for help with RegEx renaming of files in Adobe Bridge. It’s a specific-thing kind-of-thing.

Related knowledge and experience includes; analytics, [conversion] optimisation, SEO, usability, email delivery, SEM, working practice, documentation, studio setup and organisation.

I’m a very keen photographer – typically – as it seems all graphic designers are. I’m currently working on a long term personal project to document contemporary life in my village. I have a small but decent portfolio of property photography.

A fluent Spanish speaker I have lived in Spain with my wife and three boys [what were we thinking] for over twelve years – mostly here in this small town in corner of Cadiz province called Alcalá de los Gazules. It’s the different world we were looking for. I love this place, its people and customs.

I keep myself fit and by a quirk of fate this led to the start of a budding new career as trainee second left foot (once removed) with the local Veteranos football team. I was even awarded their annual Special Mention award. Yes – my football skills are special.

In any spare time I read (news & fiction), play FIFA and sketch.

Have another look at my portfolioread my CV here then hire me.

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