The Moving Polaroid Project by Toby Wilkins


Chop Suey Moma

Blue Monday. Covered by Orkestra Obsolete.

I missed this when it came out last year to celebrate 40 [!!!!] years since New Order’s Blue Monday was released back in March 1983. Here Orkestra Obsolete play it on instruments and gadgets from the 1930s. Can’t touch the… Continue Reading →

C. Tangana – Oliveira Dos Cen Anos (Video Oficial)

Apropos of culture/ football, music and heart… A spectacular anthem celebrating Celta de Vigo’s centenary. Very nice work, Mr Tangana. “Himno del Centenario del R.C. Celta de Vigo (1923-2023)”

Tip top

Woodstock ’99. Trainwreck/Clusterf*ck.

Woodstock ’69 Don’t know how many times I watched the original documentary of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. This was back in the late eighties, I was a late teen, wannabe musician. That film documented a unique, historic moment of music… Continue Reading →

Mission Impossible Intro (1969)

No comment needed

Monkey Weekend 2022

Monkey Weekend in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Always different. Always new. Indie Español, always. This year’s event: Friday 13 and Saturday 14th May, 2022, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadíz, Spain. (What’s Monkey Weekend?) It’s been way too long… Continue Reading →

Instagram? No, Autochrome.

These arresting ethereal images seem to be the product of contemporary art direction heavy on nostalgic whimsy. In fact they are from 1913. These are autochromes by one artistically inclined engineer, Lieutenant Colonel Mervyn O’Gorman, of his niece[?] in Lulworth… Continue Reading →

Andréa Mallard on why design is too important to be left to designers

[Generation] Logo

Love, love, love this song. It’s “old” now, from 2007, back when the hipster movement was just starting to gain traction around the world. Ironic and witty. Your gran’s got her own logo.

Los Jaguares de la Bahía – Contribution (Video Oficial)

Not everybody’s cup of tea (but they’re wrong), Paco Loco is arguably the most important producer of the Spanish indie-garage scene. Strictly left-field, an essential part of Monkey Week* [El Puerto de Santa Maria variants]. Los Jaguares de la Bahía… Continue Reading →

Gorillaz – Momentary Bliss ft. slowthai & Slaves (Episode One)

Of Monkey Weeks and Monkey Weekends

An opinionated history of Monkey Week/end.

Monkey Weekend 2019

A classic Monkey Week*end 2019 The signature nature of the ‘ALL-NEW’ Monkey Weekends is their brevity. Only a couple of gigs on Friday night, a full Saturday and then just a couple of get-togethers on Sunday. Flamin’ Groovies Kicking off… Continue Reading →

Whimsical, inspirational, advertising?!

Please leave.

US comic history 101

Chris Coyier: Thinking like a Front-End Developer

Very entertaining talk from Mr Coyier of CSS Tricks about the sometimes contradictory requirements facing front-end developers today. In this video, he explores his notion of The Great Divide in front-end dev. As he puts it: The divide is between… Continue Reading →

Comics, art magazines, swag.

The Here Gallery & Bookshop in Bristol – it’s the best little “illustrated paper goods” store this side of Hades and a favourite-city-pilgrimage thing of mine. As is the CAC Malaga when in Malaga or the horse houses of Utrecht… Continue Reading →

Jamie Windsor, witty and articulate photography vlogger.

A lesson on democracy from my kids

Arlo Parks. Cola.


Espanish gitana Barcelones. K te cagas.

I prefer her track Malamente but this _video_ is a hum-dinger. Perhaps this more downbeat and mantra-like song helps the cinematically stylised symbolism shine through. Like a flamethrower.

Google owns .dev

Don’t use the .dev TLD (any more) for local dev work. Use .test instead. Google now owns/controls the .dev TLD, Chrome and Firefox are forcing HTTPS connections and local dev work is now at least tricky using the old localhost-dev-site on a .dev TLD… Continue Reading →

Nick DenBoer just blew my mind.

Render AE animations to iOS, Android and React Native…

Banksy made a Simpsons intro? Yup.

Missed this one from a few years back. Where was I? NYT wrote up on how it got done in this article: ‘The Simpsons’ Explains Its Button-Pushing Banksy Opening. Fabulous.

SNL, Papyrus.

Funny worth sharing 🙂

Learn VIM

Just sayin’

A nod to the G Force crew. Number One son is a total geek – and a maker of costumes and models. As a family we like to dress up at Carnival round here. Perhaps next year we could be…… Continue Reading →

Just been reminded of the last classic Beastie Boys video…

A common white house

Lost in the world like… Moby and Steve Cutts

A quality introduction to freelensing

DeLorean Ipsum, of course!

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