Arlo Parks. Cola.


The Rich Man’s Frug

Who knew The Frug was a dance craze of the sixties? Perhaps you’ve seen the 1969 Shirley MacLaine movie Sweet Charity the above gem comes from? Nor me.

Product marketing pep talk for Google by Seth Godin

Lovely video – couple of years old now – but still relevant.

Google owns .dev

Don’t use the .dev TLD (any more) for local dev work. Use .test instead. Google now owns/controls the .dev TLD, Chrome and Firefox are forcing HTTPS connections and local dev work is now at least tricky using the old localhost-dev-site on a .dev TLD… Continue Reading →

A common white house

Just been reminded of the last classic Beastie Boys video…

OK, Go gravity!

Just because.

Quick and dirty DVD editing in iMovie

Got your own content want to re-edit quick-like using iMovie. Use MPEG Streamclip to export to MPEG-4. Import into iMovie. Edit. If you’ve got a bunch of VOB files on a DVD of non-copy protected stuff (home movie telecine etc)… Continue Reading →


The Flashing Blade. Currently here. Childrens’ TV from way back in the seventies. You remember this one? I do. The theme tune is baked into my memory for ever. Flickr viewer Tiltviewer is a very cool way to see your… Continue Reading →

Old School

A recent eBay purchase. Underwater funkiness to three and a half inches. OK maybe more. Love it.

Our house

We bought this…

Monday lunch feeding on RSS

Many thanks Mr Mullenweg. Now I know TopGear have moved to WordPress and have some more homework to do re 2008’s design trends. And Mr Stobist — thanks for introducing me to the work of a great modern photographer (modern with a small M)… Continue Reading →

How’s your php.ini?

Mine’s just fine now. When trying to upload a photo via WordPress’ interface I used to get this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted Couldn’t find a quick fix and worked around it using Flickr until… Continue Reading →

Learn VIM

Moving to Mac

My o[l]d man’s not a dustman. He’s a very clever man. And the biggest PC whore I know but if the rumours are true he’s about to buy a Mac!?! [Hello Pops!]. Here’s my thoughts for him… Have a couple… Continue Reading →

In-cell editing in MS Excel for Mac

Gold old Mac OS X Hints. I’ve looked for this shortcut several times over the last fifteen years across versions – never found it. Not online or in the Help files. Here it is: Control-U. GRRRREAT!

Render AE animations to iOS, Android and React Native…

Zooming weirdness in Mac Photoshop CS5?

This is one of those stoopid things you trip over every now and then. Ever since I started with the CS5 upgrade Photoshop wouldn’t allow me to use a zoom marquee… instead it does a strange thing called “scrubby zoom“…. Continue Reading →

RIP John Barry

Chop Cup

What on earth is this? I’ve no idea what this is but it’s been haunting me (in a good way) since yesterday. First impression was mediocre but let is steep a while…


Amazing email, complete with 8 bit Rick Roll soundtrack. I always look froward to the monthly email design update from ActionRocket. This one’s been sitting in my inbox for a couple of months ‘cos it made me laugh so much I have to… Continue Reading →

Banksy made a Simpsons intro? Yup.

Missed this one from a few years back. Where was I? NYT wrote up on how it got done in this article: ‘The Simpsons’ Explains Its Button-Pushing Banksy Opening. Fabulous.

SNL, Papyrus.

Funny worth sharing 🙂

Just sayin’

A nod to the G Force crew. Number One son is a total geek – and a maker of costumes and models. As a family we like to dress up at Carnival round here. Perhaps next year we could be…… Continue Reading →

How to market generic stock footage.


Google Labs have been busy again. Have a look at their new beta YouTube product: SnoopaVision today! Fabulous. As promising as Gmail Motion I reckon….

Adidas doing like it should be done

There’s also a long version of this too, but it loses some of the beauty-in-ambiguity of this delicious 30 second spot.

Error? What Error?

Rockin’ the old skool with this reference to the classic BBC TV test card of the 70’s…

Creative Control. The Movie. The Interview.

Hipster Lorem Ipsum

Rebranding Kalashnikov: would you?

Wednesday fun #2

“At Least He Was Honest: Internet Scam Fail”

[thanks to my favourite Geekologie]

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