How to market generic stock footage.


Google Labs have been busy again. Have a look at their new beta YouTube product: SnoopaVision today! Fabulous. As promising as Gmail Motion I reckon….

Creative Control. The Movie. The Interview.

Adidas doing like it should be done

There’s also a long version of this too, but it loses some of the beauty-in-ambiguity of this delicious 30 second spot.

Hipster Lorem Ipsum

The Forbidden Room. Wow.

Error? What Error?

Rockin’ the old skool with this reference to the classic BBC TV test card of the 70’s…

Rebranding Kalashnikov: would you?

Monkey Week 2014

Highlights from my second monkey: Pony Bravo, Betunizer, Holy Fuck, Nelson Can…


Harpy birthday Langers

Monkey Week, 2013

My Second Monkey Week. Just there for the Saturday. Saw a few bands but these three were the ones that did the business…

Zooming weirdness in Mac Photoshop CS5?

This is one of those stoopid things you trip over every now and then. Ever since I started with the CS5 upgrade Photoshop wouldn’t allow me to use a zoom marquee… instead it does a strange thing called “scrubby zoom“…. Continue Reading →

RIP John Barry

Advertising that you couldn’t get away with these days

Found this link to a whole bunch of mostly crassly sexist adverts from way back but but there’s other NO-NOs in there too: TOP 48 ADS THAT WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TODAY. Still not seen Mad Men yet but I… Continue Reading →

DIY Canon macro lens: howto video…

Lovely eight minute video – perhaps shot on a Canon 5D mkII? (love that bokeh) – how to convert a stock kit lens into a macro. This is a stellar bit of cottage industry engineering. Via Gadget Lab If you… Continue Reading →


“MND research is not so different from the Apollo Program and our ‘one small step’ will be taken too.” Dr Martin Turner, Neurologist. By Patrick Joyce, friend.

Product marketing pep talk for Google by Seth Godin

Lovely video – couple of years old now – but still relevant.

Beardyman hologram

Sticky running 1000 miles for the MNDA

Please forgive this re-/cross-/multiple-posting/email but I have a cause… Here’s a call for support for Johnny “Sticky” Budden: Parkour Traceur/free runner extraordinaire… He’s speeding 1,000 miles on foot across and around the length of the UK and on to Paris… Continue Reading →

Google Analytics custom segment based on referring site

Jump to answer I’m a lover of Google Analytics – once you get the hang of the thing it’s a very powerful tool and enables quick reporting on visitor metrics with quite some granularity. [Did I really just say that?… Continue Reading →

Chop Cup

What on earth is this? I’ve no idea what this is but it’s been haunting me (in a good way) since yesterday. First impression was mediocre but let is steep a while…

Jenny Lewis, See Fernando

Spotted on Hicksdesign. They liked it, I concur.

Wednesday fun #2

“At Least He Was Honest: Internet Scam Fail”

[thanks to my favourite Geekologie]

Quick and dirty DVD editing in iMovie

Got your own content want to re-edit quick-like using iMovie. Use MPEG Streamclip to export to MPEG-4. Import into iMovie. Edit. If you’ve got a bunch of VOB files on a DVD of non-copy protected stuff (home movie telecine etc)… Continue Reading →

**Kirk Shelton, skate_freak_superstar

I love Looking for a missing font and finding that on the home page. For some things there’s Mastercard. If that’s not enough to whet your wotsit – have a look at these classy artefacts: Go on… Enter

War Photographer

Jason Forrest, "War Photographer", Shamelessly Exciting, Sonig Records, Dir. Joel Trussell. Mash it up.


…or xkcd is inspired today What’s Burma Shave? Tom Waits made me wonder with his song of the same name a couple of years back. It’s a beautiful song.

In-cell editing in MS Excel for Mac

Gold old Mac OS X Hints. I’ve looked for this shortcut several times over the last fifteen years across versions – never found it. Not online or in the Help files. Here it is: Control-U. GRRRREAT!

Monday lunch feeding on RSS

Many thanks Mr Mullenweg. Now I know TopGear have moved to WordPress and have some more homework to do re 2008’s design trends. And Mr Stobist — thanks for introducing me to the work of a great modern photographer (modern with a small M)… Continue Reading →

“People I shot”

The great work of others pt1 The great work of Jim Schomberg. Found thanks to Steve Smith’s Tumblelog.


The Flashing Blade. Currently here. Childrens’ TV from way back in the seventies. You remember this one? I do. The theme tune is baked into my memory for ever. Flickr viewer Tiltviewer is a very cool way to see your… Continue Reading →

How’s your php.ini?

Mine’s just fine now. When trying to upload a photo via WordPress’ interface I used to get this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted Couldn’t find a quick fix and worked around it using Flickr until… Continue Reading →

Of British expats, French electronics shops, Spanish newspapers and Canadian photographers.

As a British expat in Spain I have always found Spanish newspapers hard going. Not so much due to my lack of vocabulary as the dense and repetetive style of many of the supposed better newspaper’s I’ve read. Maybe this… Continue Reading →


Three weeks ago now I came across a bunch of great links – mostly from the LiquidTreat [waybackmachine] email newsletter. That had been the first time I’d read the newsletter in a while and it was unusually rewarding. I’ll take… Continue Reading →

iPod running scared…

Currently there’s stuff all over the place about bad, closed Apple Inc. I love the hardware – but I’m no fanboy. I wish for more interoperability in my iPod. And features too. To be able to sync one iPod with… Continue Reading →

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