A classic Monkey Week*end 2019

The signature nature of the ‘ALL-NEW’ Monkey Weekends is their brevity. Only a couple of gigs on Friday night, a full Saturday and then just a couple of get-togethers on Sunday.

Flamin’ Groovies

Kicking off as the event headliners. Unfortunately, they arrived without their singer Roy Loney who was injured a couple of days previously.  A real shame, however, they were funky-tight and the old classics were definitely groovie and most of the crowd were crazy for it.

Los Hermanos Cubero

Really very, very, pleasantly surprised by these two cheeky latin folksters. Great performers.

María Yfeu

Like an innocent Amy Winehouse. A rich, velvety, bluesy voice. Made me cry.

All La Glory

Local indie rock band. Slick.


Indie wall-of-noise merchants. Retro fun.

La U.R.S.S.

Punk. Rock. Mosh pit. Glorious.






Last updated on 20th September 2022