Funny post about Comic Sans’ing pointless or snarky comments over on CSS tricks. It’s a very amusing idea. However, when looking at the originating article “SNARKY COMMENTS IN COMIC SANS” I noticed their lovely text links. Chrome inspector to hand, I found the CSS declaration, cross-referenced text-decoration-color back on CSS Tricks and learnt that text-decoration is now colourable.

Separately coloured rules on text links have been doable before but previously required adding a coloured border-bottom declaration. However, unlike text-decoration: underline it doesn’t naturally split for descenders in type. Varying width is not an option – nor are border styles but it’s a very simple solution and one that I expected to be available when I started coding CSS 15 years ago.

This CSS feature is not 100% compatible across all browsers but does cover nearly 90% of global users. If you’re using text-decoration already and colouring for the majority of your users definitely falls into the realm of progressive enhancement.

Of course, links must be clear and obvious but in body text, it’s nice when they don’t disturb reading, right?