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Prettier underline on text links

Funny post about Comic Sans’ing pointless or snarky comments over on CSS tricks. It’s a very amusing idea. However, when looking at the originating article “SNARKY COMMENTS IN COMIC SANS” I noticed their lovely text links. Chrome inspector to hand,… Continue Reading →

More PNG transparency notes

Via thinkvitamin and  tipster: a couple of notes that may resolve a couple of outstanding issues I’ve had with PNG24 transparency use… Set width and height for the element/s containing the transparent background image […] (also, bear in mind that the… Continue Reading →

jQuery in anger

[notes to self] Shadowbox Tooltip highlightFade http://jquery.offput.ca/highlightFade/old.php jquery.validate.js Lovely, lightweight carousel: http://www.gmarwaha.com/jquery/jcarousellite/ http://www.noupe.com/jquery/50-amazing-jquery-examples-part1.html http://www.jasonbradbury.com/

IE6 link bug over PNG

One day I awoke brightly, but to my surprise… I’ve been so excited to be able to use full alpha transparency PNGs and getting them to play nice in IE6. Today I’ve found another PNG/IE6 issue. It seems that in… Continue Reading →

Options for “hybrid modal” lightbox display of images

[Update 2009 – OK now I’m not the total newbie anymore and would have to recommend Shadowbox on top of jQuery for it’s versatility and power. Slimbox is still great though.] The Contenders Slimbox The true successor to the king… Continue Reading →

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