My visual notes from the Gestalt Psychology and Web Design course by the Interaction Design Foundation.

You may notice I started this course over a year ago. That’s one of the great things about their courses: no time-outs. In fact – let me blow their trumpet a bit more – these courses seem to strike a nice balance between academia and practical example-based methodology. I’m very grateful to two excellent UXers, Patrick and Ewa, with whom I worked with at William Hill and who both, separately, for the recommendation. In terms of bang-for-buck, I’m really very happy. Join the Interaction Design Foundation (and get 3 months free from that link!).

Anyway, onto the blessed visual notes. In the manner of a picture speaks more than a thousand words – [and please excuse some of my gestalt-inspired visual/textual punning]: An introduction to Gestalt Psychology; The Gestalt Principles of Perceptual Organization; The Gestalt Principles in Web Design and the Benefits of a Gestalt-Driven Approach – all in scratchy pencil…



Last updated on 20th September 2022