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Alphabetically sort any text in macOS

Quickly sort any text in macOS. Original info from an old post over at macosxautomation. Maybe a few years old but content still relevant to macOS Mojave (10.14). Only difference is that Services are now “Quick Actions”.

Quickly search for a file on a (PC) server from a Mac client

Searching for files on a Windows server from a Mac can be very slow or even fail altogether but with a bit of shell trickery it’s very quick. The script below is 95% instructions – the payload is at the… Continue Reading →

Got an “Error establishing a database connection” in Mac OS X 10.6?

At some point in the last month (been on holiday mostly) an Apple system update caused MySQL to stop running – all local development sites using MySQL would give the dreaded “Error establishing a database connection” error message. And phpMyAdmin… Continue Reading →

Safari: how to restore all windows from last session using Time Machine

It’s really very simple – everything you need is in ~/Libaray/Safari/LastSession.plist just quit Safari and restore that file from when it was good and you’re done. What’s this about? Well I tend to use open Safari windows/tabs to help keep… Continue Reading →

Mac’s Apache web server crashing out

Spent a few hours yesterday try to fix my localhost web sharing. After a restart none of my local sites were responding, neither from my user account nor the back-up admin account. This error message kept showing up in my… Continue Reading →

Cloud enabled local web development using Dropbox et al

or I *sync* my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with Dropbox and Gmail Cloud enabled local web development? That’s an oxymoron — right? Explain. I prefer to develop/design using MAMP as it’s quicker and doesn’t rely on a sketchy internet… Continue Reading →

MAMP stacked (Mac OS X 10.6)

When I moved over to Mac OS X 10.6 last week I found I had to fix my MAMP stack. My old MAMP install didn’t work anymore as unfortunately Marc Liyanage’s excellent PHP package fails in 10.6. The following instructions… Continue Reading →

MAMP stacked (Mac OS X 10.5)

UPDATE: I’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) and the following instructions are no longer entirely valid as Marc Liyanage’s PHP package hasn’t been upgraded to work in the Snow. Want to get MAMP on Mac OS X… Continue Reading →

Quick and dirty DVD editing in iMovie

Got your own content want to re-edit quick-like using iMovie. Use MPEG Streamclip to export to MPEG-4. Import into iMovie. Edit. If you’ve got a bunch of VOB files on a DVD of non-copy protected stuff (home movie telecine etc)… Continue Reading →

Transmit / CODA FTP glitches

Eureka. D’oh. ho-hum. Delete as appropriate. Updated… My email to transmit-at-panic.com: Hi, I’m sure it may be because I hadn’t RTFM in a while but I’ve just discovered that Transmit carries out Synchronisations based on its cache. I had always… Continue Reading →

MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Mac 10.5 Leopard

Following on from PHP and SSI set-up on a Mac OS X 10.5, now it’s time for MySQL database work. Everything is plain sailing to start with: get and install both MySQL and phpMyAdmin. Then the first snag – phpMyAdmin… Continue Reading →

Apache with PHP and SSI on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in two minutes

[Update – see here. I wouldn’t recommend the Apple PHP distro anymore as it has shortcomings. Roll your MAMP!] See full description for PHP here, for activating SSI here. Add PHP with debugging Activate: goto /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf and uncomment LoadModule php5_module… Continue Reading →

Font management on Mac OS X by Linotype

Thanks to guns for for making me aware of FontExplorer in the comment on this thread on how to organize fonts using Font Book over at Mac OS X Hints. FontExplorer looks great; the price certainly is. Must give it a good look when I get… Continue Reading →

In-cell editing in MS Excel for Mac

Gold old Mac OS X Hints. I’ve looked for this shortcut several times over the last fifteen years across versions – never found it. Not online or in the Help files. Here it is: Control-U. GRRRREAT!

Which CMS?

Right now trying to develop a web magazine. Also bearing in mind  the need to be able to bash out other smaller websites with minimum hassle. Solution should allow Mac OS X and web based editing. Drupal is proving to be… Continue Reading →

Moving to Mac

My o[l]d man’s not a dustman. He’s a very clever man. And the biggest PC whore I know but if the rumours are true he’s about to buy a Mac!?! [Hello Pops!]. Here’s my thoughts for him… Have a couple… Continue Reading →

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