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I’m sure it may be because I hadn’t RTFM in a while but I’ve just discovered that Transmit carries out Synchronisations based on its cache. I had always assumed that a mirror sync would update the cache first. I now realise this must have been causing some of my troubles with old files eventually reappearing on my server.

I use CODA to work on the site and Transmit to keep a set of rolling backups. (SVN has only just become an option for me.) I’ve been working on the site using CODA while Transmit stays open. I will now be making sure that I keep the syncing process separate (and restart Transmit before any sync operation) to avoid the glitches that have been troubling me. Obviously I’m looking to get my SVN server up and running as soon as possible.

Perhaps a notice in the Transmit UI to warn of this might be helpful.



Date: 25 February 2009 00:55:08 GMT+01:00
Subject: Re: Sync issues

Hi Gabriel,
This will be vastly improved in a future version of Transmit.

Panic Inc.

Great stuff! Lets hope that new version is around the corner. I reckon it may well be. TBC.

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