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MAMP stacked (Mac OS X 10.6)

When I moved over to Mac OS X 10.6 last week I found I had to fix my MAMP stack. My old MAMP install didn’t work anymore as unfortunately Marc Liyanage’s excellent PHP package fails in 10.6. The following instructions… Continue Reading →

MAMP stacked (Mac OS X 10.5)

UPDATE: I’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) and the following instructions are no longer entirely valid as Marc Liyanage’s PHP package hasn’t been upgraded to work in the Snow. Want to get MAMP on Mac OS X… Continue Reading →

Mac’s Apache web server crashing out

Spent a few hours yesterday try to fix my localhost web sharing. After a restart none of my local sites were responding, neither from my user account nor the back-up admin account. This error message kept showing up in my… Continue Reading →

The IE9 hate starts here…

Made me grin/grimace…. A piece on how retarded Microsoft’s latest incarnation of Internet Explorer may turn out to be, despite the hype: http://css3wizardry.com/2010/08/14/ie9-is-the-ie6-of-css3/ [waybackmachine] Oh dear.

Cloud enabled local web development using Dropbox et al

or I *sync* my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with Dropbox and Gmail Cloud enabled local web development? That’s an oxymoron — right? Explain. I prefer to develop/design using MAMP as it’s quicker and doesn’t rely on a sketchy internet… Continue Reading →

Support Driven Development

Please excuse this wanton copy-paste The article is good in its entirety but this is the best bit of this ThinkVitamin [waybackmachine] article Kevin Hale of Wufoo talks UX, Funding, Startups and API integration [waybackmachine]… Because we’re a small team… Continue Reading →

Display proper maintenance page with .htaccess

Create a decent “sorry this site is down for maintenance” page with a “Have a Nice Day” message, then when you do need to upgrade things use the following htaccess rewrite rule to forward all traffic to this page. Two… Continue Reading →

Setup a Root Server web server with Webmin and Virtualmin

Setting up a root server isn’t so difficult. Or is it. In the search for the perfect service to offer my clients – many of whom like to use this dreaded WordPress platform [I love it really] I’ve found that using… Continue Reading →

On migrating and merging WordPress (local to remote)

Few things to note on the process of bringing this site to life…

Simple, reliable local WordPress development on macOS. 2020.

Is *AMP-stack web [design and] build is what you do? [Hacking WordPress!] You need a local dev environment. You need and want your dev environment to be a fuss-free, stable, reliable and long-term partner. The thing about the options I’ve… Continue Reading →

Fixing HTTPS on DreamHost with Cloudflare

One solution to fix an ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error

Rollback a GIT commit

GIT is great, Git is good. I mostly use git to track changes (very useful to check on what I’ve  been up to when it’s late in the night!) but occasionally I need to use it to roll back to… Continue Reading →

PHP web forms

Websites are a point of contact – and a contact form that sends an email is the way to normally handle enquiries. (Of course phone numbers/addresses must first be easy to find!) A contact form requires a web server to… Continue Reading →

Turn a text list into an HTML Select Option list with PHP

Easy solution to this basic HTML coding need posted over at Stack Overflow by a random clever bloke. Thanks RCB. My only issue was with UTF-8 characters coming through garbled. Bodged a workaround using this encode entities plug-in for Dreamweaver.

Got an “Error establishing a database connection” in Mac OS X 10.6?

At some point in the last month (been on holiday mostly) an Apple system update caused MySQL to stop running – all local development sites using MySQL would give the dreaded “Error establishing a database connection” error message. And phpMyAdmin… Continue Reading →

Full alpha transparency for PNG images and CSS backgrounds in IE6.

Update 2009 I’ve now jumped to the other side of the fence. In the name of speed and slowly [oh so slowly] dying share of IE6 I’ve stopped trying to pander to it. There’s a few extra bugs and issues… Continue Reading →

MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Mac 10.5 Leopard

Following on from PHP and SSI set-up on a Mac OS X 10.5, now it’s time for MySQL database work. Everything is plain sailing to start with: get and install both MySQL and phpMyAdmin. Then the first snag – phpMyAdmin… Continue Reading →

Apache with PHP and SSI on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in two minutes

[Update – see here. I wouldn’t recommend the Apple PHP distro anymore as it has shortcomings. Roll your MAMP!] See full description for PHP here, for activating SSI here. Add PHP with debugging Activate: goto /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf and uncomment LoadModule php5_module… Continue Reading →

Which CMS?

Right now trying to develop a web magazine. Also bearing in mind  the need to be able to bash out other smaller websites with minimum hassle. Solution should allow Mac OS X and web based editing. Drupal is proving to be… Continue Reading →

Transmit / CODA FTP glitches

Eureka. D’oh. ho-hum. Delete as appropriate. Updated… My email to transmit-at-panic.com: Hi, I’m sure it may be because I hadn’t RTFM in a while but I’ve just discovered that Transmit carries out Synchronisations based on its cache. I had always… Continue Reading →

How’s your php.ini?

Mine’s just fine now. When trying to upload a photo via WordPress’ interface I used to get this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted Couldn’t find a quick fix and worked around it using Flickr until… Continue Reading →

Resizing a VirtualBox Windows hard drive on a Mac

Distilled info from this OSX Daily article: “How to Resize a VirtualBox VDI or VHD File on Mac OS X“.

Deleting an element from an array in Dreamweaver with RegEx

You have a multidimensional array where the elements’ keys/values are each on their own line. You want to remove all elements that have the same key.

Google Analytics

Discover Google Analytics Interpret your Data: Learn how to interpret your data into meaningful insights with our video tutorial. Tag your links [esp for tracking non www links in email campaigns etc] with the URL Builder Go to the Conversion… Continue Reading →

Encoding and embedding Flash video (FLV) for the web on a mac

It’s taken quite a few hours of trial and error and things not working – but in the end it’s not too complicated. In essence getting your video onto a webpage is a two part process – encode into FLV… Continue Reading →

Options for “hybrid modal” lightbox display of images

[Update 2009 – OK now I’m not the total newbie anymore and would have to recommend Shadowbox on top of jQuery for it’s versatility and power. Slimbox is still great though.] The Contenders Slimbox The true successor to the king… Continue Reading →

Clean URLs for Drupal in a subfolder

I couldn’t get Drupal to generate Clean URLs yesterday despite following all the steps. Couldn’t work out why my test install wouldn’t do this simple trick when this blog already has a mod_rewrite (RewriteEngine) activated – and the Drupal test site in… Continue Reading →

Clean, formatting-free XHTML from Word for posting into blogs and CMSs?

Update 2 Thanks to this great list of open-source apps for Mac OS X there another option to look at: AbiWord. I’ve not tried it yet but it looks set to beat my non-starting attempts with OpenOffice (office Mac is PowerPC… Continue Reading →

Random content rotation using PHP

I had been using a JavaScript solution from javascriptkit.com to randomly show one option from a series on a page. All the options are wrapped in DIVs and placed in a single include file. This first solution used JS to… Continue Reading →

.htaccess tips and tricks

Rewrite We *heart* canonical URIs [Note – I’ve recently come accross a web hosting company that disallows Options +FollowSymLinks. When used their server throws an internal error page – you may need to replace with the more secure (on shared… Continue Reading →

Avoid HTML validation errors due to your JavaScript

One of the reasons I changed a random content rotation script that was sitting in my <head> tags last month was because this JavaScript failed to validate. I don’t intend to change back – but today I found out the… Continue Reading →

Ken burns effect slideshows in Flash for the web

Finding a Flash slideshow generator to use for a fancy site we’re working on… The Daddy Monoslideshow. Fully featured and customisable Flash slideshow generator. The best bet for us cheap ass developers. A bargain at $19.95. The also-rans Slideroll. Free Flickr/Youtube-like… Continue Reading →

Alternative CMSes to look at…

There’s in interesting article over at vitamin by Paul Boag entitled The 5 hidden costs of running a CMS. Of course these costs must be allowed for in any serious CMS implementation strategy. Not much emphasis is given to the very… Continue Reading →

Firefox plugins

Web Developer Web Developer Firebug Yahoo YSlow for Firebug Live HTTP Headers Video grabbing Clipta. There’s plugin out there – but you won’t be able to find it on the Clipta site – Google my friend.

Multiple virtualised XPs with IE6, 7 and 8 for development testing with a Mac, VMWare and VHDs from Microsoft

As IE can only work reliably in exclusion of other versions. the most (or only) reliable way to test various versions of IE on one machine is using virtualization. Amazing but oh-so-true. VPC images for ie6 ie7 and ie8 for… Continue Reading →

Cache fix for CSS and JavaScript on a live site

Update Well in the end I couldn’t get this to work. Too noob. So I’ve settled on old school versioning. Not really an issue in the end as the extra overhead (working on a duplicated and renamed the CSS file)… Continue Reading →

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