The easiest route to web fonts, Cufon, is suffering a couple of issues at the moment – somebody may be trying to give the service a hard time with a nasty font.

If you ever have this trouble getting a local version on your MAMP server is no problem…

First you’ll need to get the open source fontforge package. If you have MacPorts installed that makes it a breeze… (installing MacPorts is also a breeze). As instructed at the fontforge site; just type this into Terminal: sudo port install fontforge. It’s not particularly quick – took  about 15 minutes – but that ain’t too bad. No.

Then go to cufon’s github repo and download the source files. Get these files into your Sites folder (e.g. to ~/Sites/cufon/)and all that’s left to do is edit ~/Sites/cufon/generate/settings.ini so that it points to the MacPorts install of font forge: fontforge=/opt/local/bin/fontforge. (If I remember rightly all MacPorts binaries go there.)

Now your local copy of Cufon should be working just go to ~/Sites/cufon/generate/convert.php and all should be hunky dory.

Last updated on 5th September 2018