Do you need to print an oversized graphic document onto multiple sheets of paper (that your printer can handle) so you can then assemble/[Sello]tape/mount an accurate large format version?

This is a very simple task but strangely difficult to find an answer for. It’s not readily possible with any of the main Adobe CS5 (design premium) apps but Adobe Acrobat Pro can do it without breaking a sweat. Just print the document: if it’s too big for your printer then you’ll be able to select “Tile all Pages” in the Page Scaling pop-up menu. The options are quite limted but at least you can have crop marks and page information printed on each sheet (a definite plus).

To get decent trim/bleed settings I’d go to Illustrator and set up multiple accurately aligned artboards (multiple artboards a feature of Illustrator since CS4) and print them.

Anyway now I can get on with printing large format [proofs and “art” prints] without having to go to the next town…

Last updated on 5th September 2018