Following on from PHP and SSI set-up on a Mac OS X 10.5, now it’s time for MySQL database work. Everything is plain sailing to start with: get and install both MySQL and phpMyAdmin. Then the first snag – phpMyAdmin cannot make a secure connection to MySQL without mcrypt (a PHP encryption extension) – and PHP as shipped with Mac OS X doesn’t come with this.

No solutions here I’m afraid – I’m in a hurry to get the development copy of a site I’m working on ASAP so have just commented out the blowfish and cookies lines in the phpMyAdmin file.

Must get this fixed…

Next problem: default MySQL setup looks in the wrong place for the socket connection. In Leopard the socket sits here /private/tmp/mysql.sock. Edit two lines in the MySQL sections of /etc/php.ini so as to get:

mysql.default_socket = /private/tmp/mysql.sock and

mysqli.default_socket = /private/tmp/mysql.sock

Next problem…

Last updated on 10th September 2018