Right now trying to develop a web magazine. Also bearing in mind  the need to be able to bash out other smaller websites with minimum hassle. Solution should allow Mac OS X and web based editing.

Drupal is proving to be a pain in my backside – at version 6.x. Too many stumbling blocks. Excuse the pun*. TinyMCE doesn’t want too play. Will continue the study – but will start running another test install of Drupal 5.x.

WordPress – not sure if  I’ll be pushing it too hard for the magazine site

RapidWeaver – definitely not for the magazine site – but could be a goer for the smaller sites – if we can get it to work with includes and if the WebYep CMS plugin for RapidWeaver does what it says on the tin…



*Drupal is a modular CMS built on the priciple of “Blocks”. The modules I’ve tried so far have not been… cooperative.

Last updated on 10th September 2018