…or how to create any right-to-left script layer in Photoshop

Photoshop is not fully prepared for working with right-to-left (RTL) languages: you can’t properly use Arabic or Hebrew for more than pasting in single non-breaking lines. This is a limitation in the software – and you may be told to buy a middle eastern version.

There is however a very simple workaround.

Adobe have supplied a Photoshop template file with live RTL text layer in it – which you can download from Adobe at the link below. Drag the text layer into your document and – hey presto – you have one RTL text layer mixed in with other LTR text layers.

It’s a Photoshop CS4 file – but works perfectly well up to CS5.5 (CS6 TBC):
Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Template to edit and create Arabic text

Last updated on 5th September 2018