There’s two massive teacupstorms out there at the moment about Flash and HTML5. Adobe is trying to sabotage HTML5 goes one wind. Flash is dead long live Canvas (or rather Squirrel cheats on Flash with iPad) goes another. [Please excuse the gratuitous CSSquirrel comic links]

“Whatever” says I. As long as there are people who need to make things go whiz-bang then – authoring tools like Adobe’s Flash – and people that know how to use them will stay in demand.

Today I was hit with a fine example of flash advertising. Not groundbreaking – but well crafed – and aimed at me – web designer-developer who’s been on the lookout for hosting. It points at a pan-european German based web host called Strato. If my trial month with WebFusion doesn’t go well I might give them a go. But so far I’ve got to say I like WebFusion and their support… TBC

Last updated on 5th September 2018