So I’m developing several sites from one end of an ADSL line with a dynamically assigned IP address. All of which use Google Anaytics. Obviously I don’t want traffic from my activities to get registered and skew any GA data for these sites.

Having a dynamic IP address I’ve had to be keeping an eye out for changes by logging into utrace every couple of days. (I know…) . Then when I notice a change (randomly every couple of weeks or so) changes I have to update the Analytics Setting on each account. Tiresome.

While setting up an IP filter for GA is trivial there’s currently no way to set IP filters in GA across these sites’ accounts. But there is a solution that get the other half (the dynamic IP half) of the problem solved…

Exclude GA traffic by Cookie Content

With this new trick I need only to create a singe page specifically for each site/account and then anybody involved in the development can be excluded automatically by visiting these pages. Now I have to do this for all these sites with every blessed browser I use to test and debug. Life’s not fair is it.

Last updated on 5th September 2018