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Just sayin’

A nod to the G Force crew. Number One son is a total geek – and a maker of costumes and models. As a family we like to dress up at Carnival round here. Perhaps next year we could be…… Continue reading →

Just been reminded of the last classic Beastie Boys video…

A common white house

SASS and LESS in Dreamweaver. Nice.

Using CSS preprocessors in Dreamweaver

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and email

New Europe-wide regulations are arriving in a year or so… This will have enforceable impact on any company sending marketing emails to or within the EU. Enforceable as in these are EU regulations, not directives, and there are potentially very large fines… Continue reading →

Patternify (for repeating patterns not repeating paternity)

‘Cos I forget where I find these things – and as far as Base64 pattern generators go this one’s a doozy. An old doozy, but a doozy, nevertheless.

Lost in the world like… Moby and Steve Cutts

Search multiple tags with WordPress

There’s plenty of backend solutions and plugins available – but if you just want to keep it simple; type your known tags into the URL bar with a “+” joining them (don’t forget the “/tag/” part):  

Busted email dev myths

Those nice folks at Litmus picking off some obsolete email dev issues

Very good update from those Litmus folks on old and unnecessary email dev issues. Particularly enlightened by… #4: ATTRIBUTE SELECTORS NEED TO BE USED. [MYTH BUSTED]

Fixed-up Nikon Nikkor 20mm f2.8 AF

Great success.

DeLorean Ipsum, of course!

Go here

Key new features in Photoshop CC (2015.5)

New: Selection and Masking Space; Content-Aware Crop; Match Font feature; Adjust Facial Features; in-context glyph selection…

On iterative testing for iOS apps

A really good read on how Facebook squared the (UI) testing circle for native iOS apps.

Consumers do not consider themselves loyal

Video infographic from the UK Direct Marketing Association.

Email – a vision

Amazing email, complete with 8 bit Rick Roll soundtrack. I always look froward to the monthly email design update from ActionRocket. This one’s been sitting in my inbox for a couple of months ‘cos it made me laugh so much I have to… Continue reading →

Finally a Laravel-based CMS to play with. Would there were time. Pyro CMS version 3

OK, Go gravity!

Just because.

The Rich Man’s Frug

Crazy dance stuff you find through Facebook…

Email miscellany

New features in Google’s Inbox app email newsletter collation (at Google’s discretion so far – try TechCrunch Daily or Medium Digest) save to inbox – send yourself an email using your OS’s built-in sharing features (iOS/Chrome) – saved links then grouped… Continue reading →

The tangible benefits of designing at 1x pixel density

Design at 1x—It’s a Fact

I concur.

Simplifica – a rather lovely, free, typeface

See it in its full glory on Behance and/or grab a stashed version of it here.

On why you can’t have the unedited photos…

“The Value of A Professional Photographer, or, ‘Can I Have All the Unedited Photos?’” by @caleb_kerr TLDR? You’re paying for my style as well as my ability to handle light. This style does not come straight from the camera but from combining… Continue reading →

Really beautiful, free, images for stock use

Litmus have launched an free Email templates resource

Free email templates

As with all things free and templatey – I’d want to check these thoroughly myself first – particularly in gmail and its app variants… But on the surface they look pleasingly simple.

Emmet in Dreamweaver FTW

I remember first trying out Emmet when it was the Zen Coding plugin for Coda (a good six or seven years ago). Now it’s all grown up, changed its name and it’s built-in to Adobe Dreamweaver.

How to market generic stock footage.


Google Labs have been busy again. Have a look at their new beta YouTube product: SnoopaVision today! Fabulous. As promising as Gmail Motion I reckon….

Creative Control. The Movie. The Interview.

Hayao Miyazaki’s animation software now open-source.

The basic component of the animation software used by studio that brought us Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro is now open source.  

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