(See the full list here: https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/features.html  )

Selection and Masking Space

A new dedicated workspace to help make precise selections and masks. Combines refine mask and other selection tools in a single interface.

BEWARE – there’s a glitch in this new Refine Mask replacement tool that results in some terrible JPEG-like blocky artefacts in the final mask. The solution I found was to move Edge Detection Radius off zero or check Smart Radius…

Content-Aware Crop

Adds a content-aware fill to the crop tool. Very useful for biggerizing and horizon tilting of images.


Match Font

Choose it from from the Type menu when you have selected a block of text on an image. Searches installed fonts and fonts available on TypeKit (according to your subscription level).


Adjust facial features

Face-Aware Liquify FTW! Go to Filter > Liquify



New in-context menu for finding alternate glyphs for any selected character. Clever.


Last updated on 26th August 2018