New features in Google’s Inbox app

  • email newsletter collation (at Google’s discretion so far – try TechCrunch Daily or Medium Digest)
  • save to inbox – send yourself an email using your OS’s built-in sharing features (iOS/Chrome) – saved links then grouped together in Inbox
  • streamlined event overviews (time, date, location, a list of attendees, and corresponding emails)

See Google’s post, or a more extensive write-up on yer Litmus blog.

A guide to email spam traps

Litmus have a comprehensive article about spam traps – email addresses used for traps that help “inbox providers and blacklist providers to catch malicious senders”. For me it was interesting to see how inactive accounts get turned into spam traps. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL will all deactivate an account in between 270 and 90 days. Thereafter it may get turned into a spam trap.

Mobile vs desktop opens and conversion

Screenshot from Moveable Ink’s “Media, Publishing and Entertainment Email Marketer’s Playbook”

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 15.21.58

So we all know the world is going mobile/tablet but just look at those desktop conversion rates.

Why are tablets so bad for conversion?

Last updated on 26th August 2018