Pat is my friend, an artist, right-proper-mensch and an “incurable optimist”.

Incurable because he has Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Life expectancy is now a couple of years (perhaps more if he’s “lucky” as this disease slowly withers and destroys his once-formidable frame.

Optimist – because that’s an essential part of his character. He’s no blind optimist though – he’s optimistic and indefatigable. He’s always been an incredible force for life in all its aspects.

Here’s the show of the portraits he’s made as part of a series of 100, kind of for the MND Association. It’s faltered at #18 as his hands and fingers couldn’t keep up with the onslaught of MND. But 18 is a good number. And to make up for the shortfall he’s curated and designed the show himself. Never one to shirk a challenge. And it was fabulous. I took a few pictures at the show (above) – and have added a gallery of his images below. Enjoy…

Patrick’s portraits

Last updated on 9th March 2020