P[hotographic w]ork flow

Flickr. Been using it for years – with periodic hiatus[es] – always worried about losing pictures to sneaky internet thievery – and at the same time wondering how to keep a proper archive of my photos.

Restricted access to Flickr

Well – I can use Flickr without worrying about the first point. Just found out that I can select who from my contacts or the whole universe has access to the see all sizes/download this picture option.

I’d looked for this feature before – last time must have been at least year ago – without finding it. I guess it may be a “new” feature – or just a very well hidden one – as there were so many photographers’ photostreams that I had download rights too.

Time to backup

So now – slowly does it I can backup my entire photographic history to Flickr and get decent off-site cloud based backups. Delicious.

All that’s missing now is to find a plug-in for Bridge/Lightroom/Aperture that will sync changes in my master archive with the Flickr one…

p*orkflow anyone?

Last updated on 17th June 2019