The Flashing Blade.

Currently here. Childrens’ TV from way back in the seventies. You remember this one? I do. The theme tune is baked into my memory for ever.

Flickr viewer

Tiltviewer is a very cool way to see your Flickr stream. Or mine. I like what it does; somewhere between a slideshow and browser. Much cleaner interface than Flickr’s pages. Smells of the future. Very clever. Here is their ‘ome page, Mr ‘iggins.

Carbon Copy Cloner

I’ve stumbled upon the fact that this backup software stalwart for Mac OS X has finally been updated. Time to give it a whirl again. Which reminds me …

Hard-drive upgrade. Again.

Not quite two years since the last upgrade I’ve done it again. This time not precipitated by a dead-disk but by a severe lack of space. 160GB drive swapped out from my LaCie external drive. Not a quick fix but a good one. And I took to opportunity to give the old girl a good clean. How nice. Shinny Aluminium. Thanks to the folks at iFixit for the <a href=”” title=”how to replace a hard-drive in your Apple PowerBook (12″ Aluminium)”>online guide.


Last but by no means least. My friend Mick Partridge created Jude Edginton’s website. Jude’ photo’s are really very good. Really. Nice site Mr. Partridge.

Last updated on 10th September 2018