As a British expat in Spain I have always found Spanish newspapers hard going. Not so much due to my lack of vocabulary as the dense and repetetive style of many of the supposed better newspaper’s I’ve read. Maybe this is down to bad luck (OK add frustration of the real limits of my Spanish vocabulary) but I’m not a great fan of excessive commentary.

Anyway – I’ve found a newspaper here that I like to read. It’ll do wonders for my vocabulary. And it’s free. And it’s lovely to look at (seeing as I’m in that game).

Given away outside the FNAC (the best consumer electronics and media shops in Spain) in La Cañada, is a stand with ADN. I don’t visit La Cañada too often and ADN isn’t always there – but it is a very well crafted Berliner. The Edition I get is Malaga-centric, but with a good national and international coverage.The penultimate edition I grabbed (the November 19 edition) was full of very strong photography. The cover image was ZP (The man Zapatero) in a black suit giving a thumbs-up salute against a black background. An almost awkward composition gave half the frame to that plain background. His face well lit but half covered by the raised hand. Striking, perhaps twisted, composition very apt for politician’s portrait. On p.2 ADN reserves half a page for La fotographía. There, an arresting photo of a Canadian infantryman in Afganistan. Piercing blue eyes looking out from a heavily bearded face. Looking out of the page and straight through me. Licenced by Reuters, Finnbar O’Reilly the photographer.  A bloody good one too.  

Last updated on 5th February 2019