Three weeks ago now I came across a bunch of great links – mostly from the LiquidTreat [waybackmachine] email newsletter. That had been the first time I’d read the newsletter in a while and it was unusually rewarding. I’ll take the time a bit more often.

The strongest flavours were supplied by core77.

Those Who Can, Teach. [waybackmachine] 1000 words of advice for design teachers. By Allan Chochinov.

All You Ever Needed to Know You Learned in…
1000 words for design students by Allan Chochinov

The hack2school cheat sheet

The blog of Jan Chipchase.

A link to Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret came from core77 somewhere. Much as I’d intended to follow that daily work advice – I’ve so far failed to start. Originally I thought that a daily post would be the media for my design output. Now I look to getting the old sketch book out…

Last updated on 10th May 2020