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PHP web forms

Websites are a point of contact – and a contact form that sends an email is the way to normally handle enquiries. (Of course phone numbers/addresses must first be easy to find!) A contact form requires a web server to… Continue Reading →

Options for “hybrid modal” lightbox display of images

[Update 2009 – OK now I’m not the total newbie anymore and would have to recommend Shadowbox on top of jQuery for it’s versatility and power. Slimbox is still great though.] The Contenders Slimbox The true successor to the king… Continue Reading →

jQuery in anger

[notes to self] Shadowbox Tooltip highlightFade http://jquery.offput.ca/highlightFade/old.php jquery.validate.js Lovely, lightweight carousel: http://www.gmarwaha.com/jquery/jcarousellite/ http://www.noupe.com/jquery/50-amazing-jquery-examples-part1.html http://www.jasonbradbury.com/

Keeping your sites optimised

The sites I’ve been working on had been suffering from flab. A JavaScript library here (jQuery of course), a plug-in there, another, another, another… then a large plug-in that loads it’s own plug-ins (Shadowbox v3 – I’m talking to you)…. Continue Reading →

JavaScript Rounded Corners

Rounded corners with CSS and graphics is OK – but a pain to set up – requiring custom images and plenty of extra markup. JavaScript – particularly when helped by jQuery comes to the rescue and makes it fairly trivial…. Continue Reading →

WordPress jQuery conflict solved

After several hours of thinking I’m being a idiot (happens occasionally) I discovered that sometimes you’ll need to call before any jQuery scripts (or concatenated scripts in my case). It’s been hours and I couldn’t figure out why none of… Continue Reading →

CSS 3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer

Thanks to my mate Tony I’ve been introduced to this rather delicious (and very small) jQuery plugin that adds support for, among other things the :nth-child pseudo class. If this had been around a year ago ‘d have avoided having… Continue Reading →

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