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On migrating and merging WordPress (local to remote)

Few things to note on the process of bringing this site to life…

Keeping your sites optimised

The sites I’ve been working on had been suffering from flab. A JavaScript library here (jQuery of course), a plug-in there, another, another, another… then a large plug-in that loads it’s own plug-ins (Shadowbox v3 – I’m talking to you)…. Continue Reading →

Display proper maintenance page with .htaccess

Create a decent “sorry this site is down for maintenace” page with a “have a Nice day” message then when you do need to upgrade things use the following htaccess rewrite rule to forward all traffic to this page. Adapted… Continue Reading →

Tiny URL?

Zeldman’s just posted about the current mini-storm about URL shortening services… I love his understated way. While the debate about these services – and, as an adjunct, feed scraping, we should look to our webdev monkey skills to roll our… Continue Reading →

.htaccess tips and tricks

Rewrite We *heart* canonical URIs [Note – I’ve recently come accross a web hosting company that disallows Options +FollowSymLinks. When used their server throws an internal error page – you may need to replace with the more secure (on shared… Continue Reading →

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