How to group items in HTML select menus

Here’s something I learnt last week, just as the title says: how to group items in an (x)HTML select drop down list. This trick, which I’d assumed was done with magic (or rather DHTML or JavaScript trickery), is actually very… Continue Reading →

Avoid HTML validation errors due to your JavaScript

One of the reasons I changed a random content rotation script that was sitting in my <head> tags last month was because this JavaScript failed to validate. I don’t intend to change back – but today I found out the… Continue Reading →

Clean, formatting-free XHTML from Word for posting into blogs and CMSs?

Update 2 Thanks to this great list of open-source apps for Mac OS X┬áthere another option to look at: AbiWord. I’ve not tried it yet but it looks set to beat my non-starting attempts with OpenOffice (office Mac is PowerPC… Continue Reading →

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