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Full alpha transparency for PNG images and CSS backgrounds in IE6.

Update 2009 I’ve now jumped to the other side of the fence. In the name of speed and slowly [oh so slowly] dying share of IE6 I’ve stopped trying to pander to it. There’s a few extra bugs and issues… Continue Reading →

More PNG transparency notes

Via thinkvitamin and ¬†tipster:¬†a couple of notes that may resolve a couple of outstanding issues I’ve had with PNG24 transparency use… Set width and height for the element/s containing the transparent background image […] (also, bear in mind that the… Continue Reading →

IE6 link bug over PNG

One day I awoke brightly, but to my surprise… I’ve been so excited to be able to use full alpha transparency PNGs and getting them to play nice in IE6. Today I’ve found another PNG/IE6 issue. It seems that in… Continue Reading →

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