What would make me more likely to recommend Adobe products?

A method to alleviate the pain of context switching [or changing my current focus] between the core CC apps would be very welcome.

So many of features and tool palettes within Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc are very similar but as a 20-year-pro working in various places with different monitor set-ups the current workspace-saving features seem very basic, inflexible and rather brittle. There’s also no concept of cross-app preferences.

Saving workspaces is a limited, manual process. Modifying, updating and syncing them is always a pain. When I have lots of screen real estate the built-in workspaces are too limited.

I switch between home and office setups. Single 27 monitor, multiple mid/large monitors and, occasionally, laptop only.

Keeping workspaces consistent is a job I don’t have time for with the current toolsets but always makes my heart sink that I have to hunt for Paragraph Styles, Opacity Settings, Pathfinder, Swatches and gradients.

Context switching is painful.