Homemade Doomfist

#1 son made this. I just shot it. Very nice.  

Ricardo, fade into darkness?

Flamenco, Jerez

“Know the town quite well” – I thought. But yesterday I was shown a treat. Right in the town centre, a stone’s throw from Plaza Arenal – an excellent flamenco show by Iván de Manuela Carpio (singin’), Melisa Picón (dancin’)… Continue Reading →

Studio, grey.

The new studio space. First victims are known to me.

Mansion recruitment site

Design and build of custom WordPress site for the Bulgarian technology and ops centre. A later update included categorised job postings.

Brighton, August Bank Holiday 2013. Mods and scooters!

Villa Mirador Marbella (photography and site build)

VR photography for the web

VR requirements: Flash (NOT Java or QTVR); full screen; ease of implementation via CMS; hotspots; For stitching the daddy seems to be RealViz Stitcher. Clearly. There many tools based on the opensource Panorama Tools out there. But under the nasty… Continue Reading →

Flickr fool

P[hotographic w]ork flow Flickr. Been using it for years – with periodic hiatus[es] – always worried about losing pictures to sneaky internet thievery – and at the same time wondering how to keep a proper archive of my photos. Restricted… Continue Reading →

A digital compact to get excited about?

The best [and only!] wide-angle photographer’s compact to come to market in ten years. Or so it seems. There have been many quality compacts produced since digital imaging came of age. You know those arrogant/insecure youths stutting about showing off… Continue Reading →

The best Flickr add-ons/plugins/mashups…

According to Photojojo that is. Look here for their list. It’s a good one. SmartSetr is an instant fave; does smart sets like iTunes et al.

Need to know sunrise, noon and sunset times?

I looked and I looked and I looked. In the wrong places, obviously. In the end I found a site that calculated the local time of sunrise, noon and sunset. There it goes for posterity.

OPTV Magazine #20

P*orkflow part two

P[hotographic w]ork flow So, why the hog of a workflow? Needs are tagging, editing, pixel pushing, publishing and archiving. Some kind of database to keep track of it all. My problem is that I seem to be using a raft… Continue Reading →

Photo book printing

Just received delivery of another photo book from Apple, the fourth book I’ve sent off to them in as many years. The quality is really very good for digital print – so much better than the first one I received… Continue Reading →

Nikon full frame

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you er… Anyway the D3 is announced – my desire to get into full frame digital may well… Continue Reading →


*P[hotography-w]orkflow Currently a mix of Bridge, Graphic Converter, Photoshop, iPhoto and Flickr. Photo workflow aint good. Throw in a bit of terminal action jhead -mkexif when stuck with [enjoying] 35mm film. Oh – add Flickr Uploadr and Google Earth for… Continue Reading →

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