Espanish gitana Barcelones. K te cagas.

Musically, I prefer Malamente but this video is stronger. Perhaps a weaker audio track helps the cinematically stylised symbolism shine through. Like a flamethrower. Either way – Rosalía is an Iberian musical powerhouse. Bless you – atheistically speaking.  

Just been reminded of the last classic Beastie Boys video…

A common white house

DeLorean Ipsum, of course!

Go here

OK, Go gravity!

Just because.

The Rich Man’s Frug

Crazy dance stuff you find through Facebook…


Google Labs have been busy again. Have a look at their new beta YouTube product: SnoopaVision today! Fabulous. As promising as Gmail Motion I reckon….

The Forbidden Room. Wow.

Advertising that you couldn’t get away with these days

Found this link to a whole bunch of mostly crassly sexist adverts from way back but but there’s other NO-NOs in there too: TOP 48 ADS THAT WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TODAY. Still not seen Mad Men yet but I… Continue Reading →

Beardyman hologram

Jenny Lewis, See Fernando

Spotted on Hicksdesign. They liked it, I concur.

Wednesday fun #2

“At Least He Was Honest: Internet Scam Fail”

[thanks to my favourite Geekologie]

War Photographer

Jason Forrest, "War Photographer", Shamelessly Exciting, Sonig Records, Dir. Joel Trussell. Mash it up.


…or xkcd is inspired today I guess a link to explain Burma Shave is necessary. Tom Waits made me wonder with his song.

“People I shot”

The great work of others pt1 The great work of Jim Schomberg. Found thanks to Steve Smith’s Tumblelog.

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