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Portrait or Landscape?

“What’s the breakdown for tablets by device orientation?”

The future of html email in Android land

On expected improvements to Gmail balanced against fragmentation in Android.

The Rich Man’s Frug

Crazy dance stuff you find through Facebook…

Email miscellany

New features in Google’s Inbox app email newsletter collation (at Google’s discretion so far – try TechCrunch Daily or Medium Digest) save to inbox – send yourself an email using your OS’s built-in sharing features (iOS/Chrome) – saved links then grouped… Continue Reading →

The tangible benefits of designing at 1x pixel density

Design at 1x—It’s a Fact

I concur.

Simplifica – a rather lovely, free, typeface

See it in its full glory on Behance and/or grab a stashed version of it here.

On why you can’t have the unedited photos…

“The Value of A Professional Photographer, or, ‘Can I Have All the Unedited Photos?’” by @caleb_kerr TLDR? You’re paying for my style as well as my ability to handle light. This style does not come straight from the camera but from combining… Continue Reading →

So when did Hybrid HTML email coding start to be known as Spongy? I get it, it squeezes down small but can only expand to a certain point, but LOL –  spongy.

HTML email hacking for Outlook

Outlook is nasty, Outlook is bad. Outlook is a horrorbag. Target your HTML email fixes, cludges and workarounds for the various flavours of Outlook with Microsoft’s own conditional comment tags – as in these examples below… ‘IE’ refers to Outlook… Continue Reading →

Really beautiful, free, images for stock use

Litmus have launched an free Email templates resource

Free email templates

As with all things free and templatey – I’d want to check these thoroughly myself first – particularly in gmail and its app variants… But on the surface they look pleasingly simple.

Emmet in Dreamweaver FTW

I remember first trying out Emmet when it was the Zen Coding plugin for Coda (a good six or seven years ago). Now it’s all grown up, changed its name and it’s built-in to Adobe Dreamweaver.

How to market generic stock footage.


Google Labs have been busy again. Have a look at their new beta YouTube product: SnoopaVision today! Fabulous. As promising as Gmail Motion I reckon….

Creative Control. The Movie. The Interview.

Hayao Miyazaki’s animation software now open-source.

The basic component of the animation software used by studio that brought us Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro is now open source.  

Adidas doing like it should be done

There’s also a long version of this too, but it loses some of the beauty-in-ambiguity of this delicious 30 second spot.

Deleting an element from an array in Dreamweaver with RegEx

You have a multidimensional array where the elements’ keys/values are each on their own line. You want to remove all elements that have the same key.

State of email production

Results from Litmus’ big-ole-survey of email production methods and issues. An interesting view of what folks are doing/using out there. Go over to see them and grab yourself a copy of the 2016 State of Email Production eBook. It’s very… Continue Reading →

Oooooh! A spanking new UX app from Adobe. Looks fab…

Called Adobe Experience Design CC it looks like a melding of Illustrator and Photoshop plus UX tools a very clever “Repeat Grid” design feature.

Litmus’ view of Email Client Marketshare


Resizing a VirtualBox Windows hard drive on a Mac

Distilled info from this OSX Daily article: “How to Resize a VirtualBox VDI or VHD File on Mac OS X” .

And what?

Ampersand What???

Here’s a lovely site I’ve not seen before that helps you find those awkward HTML entities you need.

Hipster Lorem Ipsum

Cos you need more of this… Microdosing chillwave laborum selvage, waistcoat id flexitarian exercitation cray. Ullamco whatever locavore vice, farm-to-table meditation delectus next level taxidermy cupidatat qui single-origin coffee dreamcatcher labore banh mi. Lomo trust fund portland everyday carry. Marfa… Continue Reading →

Thank-ing you for the mul-ti-lin-gual hy-phen-a-tion tool

Multilingual hyphenation tool

Need to get a good idea on where to hyphenate a long word in Finnish on a graphic? Start with this lovely tool from then add a bit of common sense (or Google Translate) and find the best meaning based, rather… Continue Reading →

Ambient Animations in Email: Snow and Stars

HTML email animations

The Forbidden Room. Wow.

Save Dreamweaver template files as HTML

Dreamweaver won’t let you easily save template files as HTML – it’s always asks you to “Save as Template” in to your site’s templates directory. I figured a this simple solution to this very annoying issue a couple of years… Continue Reading →

Error? What Error?

Rockin’ the old skool with this reference to the classic BBC TV test card of the 70’s…

A lovely confluence of marketing and labs from Netflix

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