This post now archived under the don’t-jump-to-conclusions category – and perhaps a lesson in the transient nature of web properties. My apologies Manpreet… it simply didn’t occur to me to check the history of the domain – or to drop you a line and ask you directly.

Original post contents quoted below. See Manpreet’s answer in the comments.

Oh the joys of Google…

I don’t know where to take this just yet; so back to the World Wide Web, and Google, it goes…

Just to clarify a point: Manpreet Singh Chandoak, despite the current statement on his CV, has had nothing whatsoever to do with the design or build of the Solutions Overseas website. That pleasure was all mine, thank you very much. [All mine, minus the original logo and colour scheme and the very important part played by the good folks in the office there… it’s improved immeasurably over version 1.1!]

Funny – you can’t hide from Google – unless, of course you at least try to noindex your links. Here’s the link to the word doc that Google kindly crawled:

(all websites made by me)

I like that.

Many thanks for the flattery, Manpreet. Much appreciated!