The best [and only!] wide-angle photographer’s compact to come to market in ten years.

Or so it seems. There have been many quality compacts produced since digital imaging came of age. You know those arrogant/insecure youths stutting about showing off their CCDs, talking the talk and trying to walk the walk. Er, I digress. Of these wonders the Canon G series (currently the G10) has been the most notable in terms of being photographer friendly. Until now because because to this photographer light should not be squeezed: nothing has come near the gorgeously wide-angle and fabulously bright optics of the new(-ish) Panasonic Lumix LX3. And those optics are wrapped in a small and functional form. Am I gushing? Oh dear…

f2.0-2.8, 24-60mm


How much?

Somewhere around 450 euros. Not bad.

Who needs an SLR? With this kind of glass – I could lose about two kilos from my camera bag. Let me rephrase: I could lose my two kilo travelling camera bag.