OK, over a year.

Lets get the content rolling along now. Old website & blog died a death due to the need for my Mac and Rapidweaver from where it was organised. Working over there without a internet connection during the week made it all a bit stale and awkward. Now – hopefully things will be as they shoud. Now running on WordPress as should always have been. Any plans to craft my own theme are on hold, maybe in time. Whilst I had liked the Sqibble theme with (lots of gadgets, feeds and fun) on a the prototype site its development is patchy and basic text ain’t so pretty. I quickly found this nice clean and very usable theme as used by this lovely young lady, via the wordpress.com front page.

Forgive the shoddyness along the way. I do. I’m very forgiving.

Oh yes content – was to be a little thing about flickr and geotagging – but What with all the excitement I leave it for another day.

An the slow process of migrating my gdekadt.com content should plod along too.